Our Story


our story

We opened Rye Bakery at the HUBnub centre in Spring 2017 in the radically independent town of Frome, Somerset.  As young parents that worked in food and drink we wanted to open a cafe and bakery that would be a relaxed environment, offering affordable products that we would want to eat and drink.  A cafe can be such a meaningful place for the community and will host a huge range of momentous occasions in peoples lives, creating a third space between home, the shops and work.

When we opened we had no idea what an impact we would have on local families lives and what a positive response we would receive.  We designed the interior of the space with three play areas for different aged children ranging from newborn to five years old.  

As we grow the bakery our business will hold the same values; to deliver products focused on flavour and farming that we think embrace our approach.  We hope to continue to create trust between producers and consumers to improve the use of local produce and a sustainable food system.