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The bread we make is at the heart of everything we do and represents our values of how a modern food business can operate sustainably.  At centre stage within the café are sacks of organic grains and flour for all to see. Below the fresh bread are the raw ingredients.

Transparency, quality and sustainability push us to shorten the gap between the producers and end product.  We try to use as many local grains as we can and capture freshness, flavour and nutrition by milling much of our flour in-house.

Any flour that we buy is always organic and we try to source local and ancient grains to mill ourselves.  The taste of our loaves will always change and develop as we adapt our recipes to fresh flours and the flavours of each harvest. 




Our pastries are a little different to your supermarket alternatives. 

We use organic jersey cream for our butter from cows less than five miles from our door at Ivy House Dairy.  By combining such rich butter with organic flours we produce a delicious croissant with a deep and flaky exterior and a yellow, creamy and honeycomb centre.

We make everything by hand and continue to provide a large range of vegan and wheat free products to help make every customers visit to the bakery a happy one.